Sales Tips

Order Car Wash Tickets Now

fish-mdFollow these easy steps and selling car wash tickets makes your group money and helps the environment:

Set a goal.  Know in advance how many tickets each person is going to sell.

Set a price.  A price you all agree on for one ticket and then a little discount if you buy three tickets.

Have a “pre-sale”. Make flyers and sell tickets before you order them. This way you are not stuck with extra tickets.

Use social media if your parents will let you do it.

Create a short video using our “car wash facts” from our site and then post your video on social media.  Make two if you have time. Show a fake fish dying as he gets in soapy water. Make the video fun & funny AND ask them to buy tickets and quit killing fish!

Go door to door accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Remember, the first thing you do is smile. SMILE.  SMILE.  Make eye contact“Hi! I’m selling car wash tickets! My goal is to sell X tickets to help our team do X. Will you help me reach my goal?” “Not only do you get a professional car wash you help save our environment for kids like me.” Show them the ticket and the information card.

Be sure you have some change.  Take a check if you know the person.   BE SURE TO SAY “THANK YOU”  even if they don’t buy any.  

Site sales.  Choose a store that gets a lot of traffic.  Grocery stores are great.  PLUS, if you have a Whole Foods or PCC ask them to allow you to set up or just set up on the sidewalk.  Studies have shown that shoppers at those stores are more environmentally conscious.  You must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Be sure you have information cards and tickets.  Use the same sales approach as door to door.

Work with another person selling tickets.  It helps your confidence and you can work together to reach your goals.