Order Car Wash Tickets Now

What programs are avaliable?

Two programs are available- one with tickets for Attended Car Washes (normally tunnel washes) and one for Self-Serve Car Washes. We will personalize Attended Car Wash tickets for you with two lines of text of your choosing, like “thank you for supporting Red Cross disaster relief”. Self-Serve tickets are used in token machines at participating car washes.

How do we sell the tickets?

Tell in person, text, and/or email friends and family to get them involved in your fundraiser. Make everyone aware that they are not only buying a car wash; they are also supporting your nonprofit AND protecting the environment by keeping polluted car wash water out of our waterways. You can also set up a table at a sports game or in front of a retail establishment. If your group is a sports team or club, we recommend wearing your uniforms to help drive sales. We also have a page with lots of great tips. Visit page here.

Do all car washes accept the tickets?

Tickets are valid at participating PSCWA car washes throughout the Puget Sound area. Whether we have locations near you is not an issue.  Your customers will keep their tickets in their car and use them whenever they are near a participating car wash. Most of the participating locations will also be printed on the backside of the car wash tickets. A list of member washes can be found on the locations page.  Note: Locations are subject to change.  

Can anyone purchase Car Wash Tickets?

 Each ticket buyer must be selling their tickets for a nonprofit organization. You can have a nonprofit sponsor your fundraiser. You must provide a valid nonprofit organization name and tax ID number.

Do we have to pay for the tickets in advance?

Yes, you either pay through PayPal online with a credit card or mail a check to us. Once we receive your check your ticket order will be processed.

How much time will we have to sell the tickets?

The tickets do not have an expiration date. You can take all the time you need to sell your tickets.

When do the tickets expire?

The tickets do not have an expiration date.

What if we don’t sell all the tickets?

 Tickets are not refundable. But they do not have an expiration on them, so if you do not sell all of your tickets at your fundraiser, you can save the tickets and plan another fundraiser at another date.

How long does it take for me to get my tickets?

We can usually print and ship your tickets the day we receive your order. Tickets are shipped USPS Priority mail and take 1-3 days to get to you.

This is great, how do we purchase tickets?

Ordering tickets is just a few clicks away! Please see the ORDER CARWASH TICKETS NOW buttons throughout this web site. Fill out the online form and either mail in a check or pay with a credit card online.

Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, for first time orders the minimum number of tickets is 48. Repeat customers can order as many as they want.

Is there a shipping charge?

Yes, there is a $6.65 shipping charge with every order.

If you have other questions, please contact us at carwashassoc@qwestoffice.net or you may call us at (206) 622-8425.