Order Car Wash Tickets Now

Why should your group use the car wash fundraiser?

fish-mdThe PSCWA’s program is a special partnership between business and the community. It is also one of the most¬† effective and convenient fundraising programs available

  • It’s easy! Unlike many other fundraising programs you don’t have to worry about taking orders in advance, tabulating them, and dealing with a lot of paperwork.
  • You don’t have to wait months to receive your order. Most orders are mailed within one business day!
  • You won’t have bulky merchandise to haul around and distribute.
  • Each ticket is customized with two lines of text of your choosing.
  • Each ticket includes a handy list of participating washes on the back that make it easy for your purchasers to find a location. Locations are subject to change, please check the Locations Page for the most current information. The locations should not affect where your fundraiser is located, ticket purchasers typically put their tickets in their car and use them when they are near a participating location.

We are constantly adding new participating car washes.  Be sure to check our current listing of locations before you order your tickets!

How does the car wash fundraiser help protect the environment?


Professional car washes remove soap and toxins from car washing water, and pipe it into a treatment facility.

Storm water contamination occurs when a car is washed over a paved surface instead of at a professional car wash. Oil, dirt, and grime, along with detergent, petroleum, and wax are allowed to flow down the storm drain and into the nearest body of water. Unfortunately, most people do not know that discharging anything other than clean, cold water into Washington state waters is, in fact, illegal.